First Symptom Safety Training Protocol



Upon knowledge of First Symptom, implement interventions to prevent progression to injury.


Individual employee ALERTs supervisor regarding first symptom who initiates the company safety training protocol. This includes applicable internal communications and urgent referral to safety training professionals.


Referral to ABILITYusa and applicable CERTIFIED PREFERRED PROVIDER where the following occurs:

  • Depending on issue and company agreements with ABILITYusa, either see employee at:
    • Employment site, or at
    • Provider clinic.
    • Assess symptom.
  • Review job and duties, particularly those related to symptom.
  • Implement customized Stretch and Release movements related to the symptom and the persons general overall musculoskeletal activities and needs.
  • Provide corrective training for proper body mechanics and safe work practices specific to the job and other life activities the individual participates in.
  • Provide palliative interventions, where applicable, such as Deep Tissue Laser, a highly effective thermal care intervention which decreases discomfort and inflammation.
  • Communicate after each visit with Employer safety personnel regarding needed actions to remain injury free.
    • Corrections to work practices;
    • Corrections re: equipment use or work station set-up;
    • Time for Stretch and Release movements program, (typically 2-3 minutes, 2-3 times per day );
    • Other palliative actions, as applicable.
  • Train the trainers to observe, train and monitor corrected safe work practices and follow-through with specific prevention strategies implemented.