Decreased Total Paid

Lost days occur when employees are away from their regularly scheduled and assigned work duties due to injury or illness. ABILITYusa Injury Prevention services and testing help reduce lost days by: preventing injuries; reducing severity of injuries; and by objectively identifying temporary modifications to keep the employee working. Appropriate work is therapeutic.

Lost days are one contributor to indirect costs, as deviations to standard operations are required. A few of these include: Overtime to cover missed shifts, training someone to perform the injured person’s job, decreased productivity, redirecting manager’s time and focus, some staff must work harder. There are untold other operational inefficiencies. Lost days also impact general employee morale, increased absenteeism related to fatigue, and ultimately increased turnover.

Injury Prevention focused analysis, testing and training achieves a reduction in turnover, as, over time. More physically capable staff join the ranks, who are not at risk of injury.

There is higher turnover among staff who find the physical requirements to be too difficult.

Onboarding costs are decreased with a reduction in turnover.