Drug-Free Policy Compliance

Drug and Alcohol Screening

At ABILITYusa we partner with employers and selected Preferred Providers to help create a safe working environment for the employees, the employer, and the public. Drug and alcohol testing programs can contribute to the reduction of employee injury, illness-related costs, medical care, sick leave, and disability benefit costs.


When can Drug & Alcohol Screening take place?


Drug and Alcohol screening services can be provided:

  1. Based on Company Policy
  2. Post-Offer/Pre-Placement,
  3. With Reasonable Suspicion,
  4. Random Screening, and
  5. Post-Accident (in conjunction with applicable Drug Free Workplace Policies).


Why is it important to do testing?


The US Department of Labor has reported that drug and alcohol use and abuse in the workplace:

  • Causes 65% of on-the-job accidents
  • Accounts for 38% to 50% of ALL workers’ compensation claims


What About Marijuana?


THC in Marijuana causes physiological changes that impair depth perception, reaction time, coordination and other motor skills, and creates sensory distortion.

According to a study reported by the National Institute on Drug Abuse, employees who tested positive for marijuana had:

  • 55% more industrial accidents
  • 85% more injuries
  • 75% greater absenteeism compared to those who tested negative

(NIDA. "How does marijuana use affect school, work, and social life?." National Institute on Drug Abuse, 13 Apr. 2021, https://nida.nih.gov/publications/research-reports/marijuana/how-does-marijuana-use-affect-school-work-social-life)

All of which negatively affect an employer’s safety record and bottom line.

Drug Testing Saves DOLLARS $ and Decreases injuries.

Top 10 Misperceptions About Marijuana:

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