Experience Modification (X-Mod)

Every Employer Wants To
DECREASE their X-Mod


What is X-Mod?


Experience Modification (X-Mod) is reported as a rate used by the US insurance industry to adjust an employer’s workers’ compensation insurance premiums. These are based on the employer’s pre-existing claims history, typically a rolling three-year history. The rate may adjust an employer’s workers’ compensation insurance premiums.

Ratings are based on past costs and projected future costs. In addition, individual companies are compared to others of the same business type. The average rating for a class is (1.00). Premiums are higher or lower, based on the employer’s number of injuries and cost of claims in the past.


What is the Employers’ GOAL?


TO: progressively minimize the number and cost of claims going forward, in order to decrease insurance premiums.

The experience modification graph below demonstrates the results of proactive injury prevention activities achieved in coordination with ABILITYusa working with a broad variety of organizations including the case example listed here.

Partner with ABILITYusa to

  • La Tortilla Factory® has been able to achieve breakthrough results in creating a safety culture, with the help of ABILITYusa programs.
    • X-mod has decreased progressively through the years.


  • Pays for the cost of Injury Prevention Testing & Consulting Services for many months, or more!
  • Adds thousands to an organization’s bottom line;
  • Increases the number of Happy, Healthy Injury Free Employees;
  • Rapidly reflects savings in both direct and indirect costs;
    • Per the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), indirect costs associated with an injury may be 1 to 10 times greater than direct costs.
  • Ultimately decreases Insurance Premiums;

Do the math: with 5% - 15% of the work force at risk for injury due to their functional deficits, the prevention of even 1 (one) injury protects the individual and decreases both direct and indirect costs.

Over time, injury prevention decreases the number of staff injuries and enhances an organization’s Experience Modification, in order to decrease insurance premiums.