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An Alliance for Occupational Fitness, Helping Make Injuries HISTORY!

Initiated in 1994 and with additions and advancements continuing over several years, Injury Prevention services were developed in consultation with employment law specialists, occupational health clinicians, physical and occupational therapists and industrial and ergonomic specialists.

ABILITYusa works with Providers in various geographic areas throughout California who provide the highly successful ABILITYusa Evaluation and Testing services. Providers may, in addition, offer a variety of other testing, consultation and screening services such as: Respiratory Function screening with Medical Questionnaire reviews and Spirometry, Respirator Fit testing; Vision screening services include color blind and acuity vision screening, corrected and uncorrected; Drug and alcohol screening; and Ergonomic analysis and consultation for work processes and work stations at the employer’s site, recommending cost-effective solutions for problems which could otherwise cost employer’s thousands due to avoidable injuries.

The regulatory compliant ABILITYusa testing programs are Job Analysis based and include Post-Offer, Fitness for Duty and Post-Injury Employment Screening services. ABILITYusa Injury Prevention services have been implemented to great success and satisfaction of employer clients and their candidates and employees for greater than two decades.

Evaluation and testing services become the objective basis for knowing what an individual is safe to do. This testing data also may identify areas where extra training should be offered to minimize risks documented during testing. As time progresses, individual capabilities might change for a variety of reasons, including accident, illness or ageing. If physical capabilities seem to be in question at some point in the future, objective testing provides clarity for possible duty reassignments, added training or other measures needed to assure the employee will be safe.

The Testing Report indicates whether testing criteria were met and provides added information to employers related to the individual’s safe physical abilities. Information provides an objective guide for any added training or task modifications needed to protect the employee’s musculoskeletal health and safety. Testing criteria are used for many purposes throughout the course of employment.

The First Symptom-Early Intervention services make a major difference in decreasing musculoskeletal injuries throughout an employee’s employment years, by addressing any symptom immediately, thus preventing progression to injury.

One exceptional service available at the Santa Rosa Provider location is Deep Tissue Therapy Laser. This is a non-invasive thermal resource which lowers pain and inflammation. The FDA approved laser stimulates rapid reduction of inflammation, facilitating healing and pain relief at the cellular level. Employers are using this service for their Industrial Athletes; just as professional sports teams are successfully using the resource to resolve post-game pain and inflammation.

Without exception, employers who work with ABILITYusa achieve injury prevention outcomes that protect employees, prevent injuries and contribute to an organization’s ability to more effectively achieve its Mission and Goals.

ABILITYusa considers it an honor to work with employers, assisting them in significant and meaningful ways to achieve the benefits, listed below. Documented outcomes include:

  • Enhanced employee safety and musculoskeletal health;
  • Decreased number and severity of injuries;
  • Reduced direct and indirect costs;
  • Decreased lost work days;
  • Reduced turnover;
  • Reduced EXPERIENCE MODIFICATION rates, thus reducing Insurance Premiums; and
  • Valued employees are kept safe, with fewer or no injuries, and empowered to be ever safety conscious, adding years of satisfied, productive work to their span of employment.

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