ABILITYusa: Provider Alliances

ABILITYusa, in collaboration with Certified Preferred Providers in various geographic areas, works with employers of all types to provide employment testing and injury prevention/management services. Safety and injury prevention programs were developed in response to needs expressed by employers who desired advanced approaches to their high volume of workers’ compensation injuries and related costs.  Since 1994 and in consultation with occupational health clinicians, physical and occupational therapists, industrial and ergonomic specialists, testing protocols were developed.  In consultation with employment law specialists, ADA and FEHA regulatory requirements were carefully addressed in ABILITYusa employment testing procedures and safety consultation programs.     

Employee safety is enhanced and the number and severity of work related injuries decrease following implementation of ABILITYusa services. Other outcomes with implementation of ABILITYusa include: reduced turnover, reduced workers’ comp costs (medical and indemnity), improved employee morale and reduced litigation.  

Testing and support services include:

  • Safety and injury Prevention Consultation
  • Functional Physical Job Analysis
  • ADA and FEHA Compliant Physical Functional Employment Exams and Testing
    • Post-Offer/Pre-Hire
    • Post Injury Test
    • Fit for Duty Test
  • Other specialized testing as requested by companies
  • Ergonomic Consultation
  • Supervisor and employee education and training

ABILITYusa services are provided in coordination with a network of highly trained and experienced Certified Preferred Providers who are licensed physical and occupational therapists and rehabilitation technicians who are dedicated to assisting employers find and maintain a health workforce, “make injuries history”, and decrease  workers’ compensation costs.  These providers go through extensive education and training in injury prevention and ADA and FEHA compliant functional physical employment testing during the certification process.

The Certified Preferred Provider Network also receives ongoing administrative and educational support to insure quality service provision.  Please call for information regarding a Certified Provider near you.