ABILITYusa: About Us

Our goal: To Make Injuries History

ABILITYusa, working with Certified Preferred Providers in various geographic areas, works with employers to implement programs which:

  • Decrease the number and severity of workers’ compensation injuries;
  • Enhance the safety of employees;
  • Reduce unnecessary direct and indirect injury- related company costs;
  • Reduce Turnover;
  • Reduce the Workers’ Compensation Experience Modification Rating; and thereby
  • Protect valued employees while adding resource to the bottom line. 

The ABILITYusa Program incorporates onsite assessments of the physical functions of key essential duties and the variety of physical demands a job requires.  This information is essential for a truly effective injury prevention program.  This information is used to:

  • Select, hire and transfer candidates or employees who demonstrate the ability to safely perform the essential physical functions of the job using ADA and FEHA compliant employment testing;
  • Provide, through testing, the objective data needed for “reasonable” considerations related to requests for accommodation;
  • Enhance existing employee health and safety policies, procedures and training;
  • Guide early intervention and musculoskeletal injury treatment based on the cause of the injury;
  • Set rehabilitation goals in coordination with abilities the individual had at the time of testing, rather than compared to “normal” abilities which the employee may not have had.  Likewise, use functional ability testing criteria in return to full duty / work strategies; and
  • Maintain a confidential database for use, as may be applicable, in any issues related to apportionment.

The program has achieved very positive results with a varied and broad range of employers. ADA and FEHA compliant physical function employment testing has clearly been demonstrated to be the single most important foundation of a comprehensive injury prevention program. Please see Outcomes tab.